7 - 8 November 2017

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Introducing wood to obtain climate goals

Climate goals are no longer just talk, it’s time to walk the talk. At the same time the demand for housing is sky rocketing. We take a deep dive into why, how and when building in wood could help us obtain climate goals and at the same time produce attractive buildings that are economically sustainable as well.

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Four reasons to participate in Wood Building Summit

1 hour

flight from Stockholm




time in Skellefteå




Helena Markgren

Wood Building Summit is one important channel to share new and old knowledges on sustainable and efficient wood building. To spread good examples but also spread mistakes and what to learn from them. We need to know when and how to use both materials, design and construction methods in order to deliver a sustainable society. Tyréns AB is one of Sweden’s leading community development consultancies and all our solutions must be processed through a sustainable idea. Tyréns is owned by a private foundation and this makes it possible to commit ourselves to research and development within the urban and rural development sector. We are driven by a thirst for knowledge and work closely with universities and other research institutes. So in that perspective – we will not miss the Wood Building Summit.

Helena Markgren, Business manager, Fastighet & Byggnad Nord, Tyréns AB, Skellefteå

Therese Kreisel

I will visit Wood Building Summit because I'll bring some experience and knowledge and can expect new and exellerated in return -a good exchange!

Therese Kreisel, Architect, Municipality of Skellefteå, Skellefteå

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