About Wood Building Summit

New business opportunities for the for building in wood

Sweden, Nolia and Skellefteå welcome you to Wood Building Summit, an international conference for everyone interested in building in wood. Here you will have an excellent opportunity to establish business contacts, and the chance to participate in the latest developments in the area of technology, rules & regulations and architecture.

This event is also the perfect place to exhibit your products and services, build networks, and participate in interesting seminars. Decision makers and influencers will be present and you will have the chance to meet experts in various fields.

Wood Building Summit will be arranged every second year in Skellefteå and has the objective of becoming an attractive and important meeting point in Europe for everyone interested in building in wood.

The City of Wood

Wood Building Summit is held in Skellefteå, a city in the northern part of Sweden with a long tradition in wood building combined with world-class institutions and a constantly growing industrial sector.

Excellent infrastructure

Excellent infrastructure gives access to the whole Nordic market and the airline connections are also very good. (e.g Stockholm Arlanda International Airport is only one hour away). Skellefteå Municipality has a population of 73,000 and, in addition to the forestry & mining industries, the city is known for a much-awarded creative industry, its vibrant music scene and its passion for sports.

The forest industry in Sweden

Sweden is recognized as the worlds 3rd largest exporter of pulp, paper and sawn timber. In 2016 Sweden produced 17.8 million cubic metres of sawn timber and invested 2 billion SEK in research at universities, colleges and institues. In the Skellefteå region we have research institutes, university and several producers of wooden construction products, houses and sawmills. This is a region where tradition and history are united with technical development and innovative ideas, all of which you will be able to see for yourself by taking part in the pre-events with field trips to wood buildings in the city or the workshop on CLT.

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November temperatures are around 5 degrees Celsius, but come prepared for even colder temperatures. If you are planning outdoor activities, consider packing rain clothes, winter clothes and warm walking shoes.


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