Latest news on sustainable and efficient wood building

Latest news on sustainable and efficient wood building!

Why build in wood?

Climate goals are no longer just talk, it’s time to walk the talk. At the same time the demand for housing is sky rocketing. We take a deep dive into why building in wood could help us obtain climate goals and at the same time produce attractive buildings that are economically sustainable as well.

  • Climate goals and demand for housing, government address
  • Climate impact of the building process, research study
  • What happens when you focus on climate goals? developer

How to build in wood?

This topic aims to show inspiring projects, toolkits and build confidence to start designing, constructing, building and procuring wood buildings.

  • Strategies, innovations and cost efficiency
  • How rules & regulations can help accelerating wood building & decision support studies.

When to build in wood?

Why and then how, one question remains – When to start? This theme highlights some of the challenges and how to overcome them. Experts, developers, producers, design engineers and architects will share their knowledge.


In addition – field trips, workshops and networking, mingle & dinner