Skellefteå the city of wood - Field trip - November 7

Skellefteå the city of wood - Field trip - November 7

A guided tour visiting several of the unique wood projects in Skellefteå.

Remember to bring clothes for short walks outdoor, in case of bad weather. The presentations will mainly be held in the bus.


08.30 Registration & coffee at the Service desk at Campus Forumsalen.

09.00 The buses are ready for departure.

09.10 Departure from Campus Forumsalen. On board you will get a presentation about buildings with wood components at Campus, for example Stockhuset and Campushallen.

Then we move forward to Träteknikarenan T2 Arena, Skellefteå Industrihotell and Nilsro, information about those buildings on the bus by Jan Tarras Wahlberg Skellefteå Municipality and Fredrik Löfstedt Skellefteå Industrihus AB. We make a stop at the South bridgehead of Älvsbackabron and walk over the bridge to Älvsbacka Strand and Älvsbacka Park.

Moröbacke skola, a visit inside, presentation by Rickard Jonsson, SLK. Coffee/tea and sandwiches in the bus.

The bus heads back to Skellefteå city and we will see Balderhallen and pay a visit inside parkeringshuset Ekorren where Fredrik Löfstedt will present the building. 

On our way back to Campus we will see Bryggargatan Restaurang & Bistro and Brygg Club & Café.

Presentations by Fredrik Löfstedt, Skellefteå Industrihus AB, Rickard Jonsson, SLK, and Jan Tarras Wahlberg, Skellefteå kommun.



Open to all registred participants of Wood Building Summit. Register via our on-line conference booking.