Mikael Risberg

Mikael Risberg:
Associate Senior Lecturer in Energy Engineering.
Division of Energy Science.
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, Luleå University of Technology.

Mikael research focus on how to increase the energy efficiency and improve the thermal indoor climate in buildings. Another area is to increase the energy efficiency for datacenter where the main focus is to evaluate how the heat from datacenters can be utilized in the most optimum way. 

Access to renewable energy, natural cooling, grid stability and intellectual infrastructure allows data centers to establish as one of Sweden's new basic industries. Developers need to design the data center to meet both current and future needs so that future costly reconstruction can be avoided. One possibility is to build data centers in wood. Currently only a few data centers are constructed of wood and therefore more research needs to be conducted about how to build data centers in wood. Also one important parameter is to be able to recover the heat from data centers.