Olle Hagman

Dynamic Visualization of Wood Water Interactions in Wood Based Structures.

Wood interacts with water and this is a problem when using wood based materials in constructions. To understand how this interaction behaves with different building material such as solid wood (different species, pre-treatment size etc.) insolation fibers and panels we use a medical CT-scanner. By doing so we can produce 3D measurements and dynamic visualizations of how the water moves in structures. The idea from research point of view is to understand why different material behave the way they do and from architecture and construction point of view getting a understandable tool for choosing correct material. The result show extreme differences between different materials. 

The research i performed at LTU in Skellefteå financed by FORMAS in the project ” Experimental studies of capillary phenomena in bio-based materials”.

Olle Hagman, Professor  WoodMetrics and Wood Products Engineering
Division of Wood Science and Technology
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics, Wood Science and Engineering, Luleå University of Technology

Olles main interests are prediction and improvement of wood as an engineering material for future sustainable products like building structures and esthetical components. This means using 2 and 3D sensors in the whole wood value chain to measure, predict, visualize and control the process. Visualization is a trend needed for understanding the complex water flow mechanisms and create smart solutions in the building process. Using CT-scanningas a powerful tool to learn how water interacts with wood in building constructions is of main interest.