Rikard Öqvist

Rikard Öqvist, PhD in Engineering Acoustics

My passion in life is acoustics. All my primary interests relate to acoustics in one way or another. I have realized that my hobby and my work have converged into one. I am an active researcher and consultant in building acoustics since 2008, with a focus on wooden constructions. I have developed a new method to evaluate impact sound insulation in dwellings, that better correspond to rated walking sound annoyance. By using the new method, improved multi-story dwellings with higher acoustic quality can be developed.


How should wooden dwellings be developed to meet future impact sound insulation requirements?

In 2015, new recommendations for higher sound classes in dwellings were introduced in the Swedish standard, because annoyance from neighbors’ walking sound tend to be higher in wooden than in concrete constructions, even with exactly the same measured impact sound insulation. Current wooden constructions cannot fulfil the proposed requirements. The next revision of the Swedish standard may change the recommendation to mandatory requirements. I will propose how I believe we should approach this challenge together.