Rotho Blaas

Rotho Blaas is an Italian multinational - with origins in the Alpine region - a leader when it comes to the development and distribution of highly technological solutions within the wood construction sector. Rotho Blaas is known for its technical skills and professionalism, it represents a reliable partner for all design or on-site technical requirements within the timber construction sector.

Developing most of its very own products, from the concept to the solution up until its market launch, technicians and product experts work on the design of all fastenings, waterproofing, airtightness or fall protection systems to be able to offer a comprehensive solution.

Rotho Blaas’ role is to develop and offer solutions to improve timber structures, by means of research and development of technical products which aim to improve the quality of life of the users and environmental sustainability for everybody.
Rotho Blaas offer includes personalised support to find solutions which are perfectly suited to the customer’s requirements.

Furthermore, an in-house quality control department and a large and modern main warehouse faclity, complemented by strategically located satellite warehouses, guarantee 100% satisfaction.