The Minister for Housing & Digital development joins Wood Building Summit

The Swedish Minister for Housing & Digital development, Peter Eriksson, is one of the speakers at Wood Building Summit.

He sees many advantages with building in wood:

– It's good for the environment, creates jobs and increases the pace in building says the minister for housing.

Sweden has a long tradition of building one and two story buildings in wood. Lately many has realized the great advantages with building in wood, both technical and environmental. This has lead to more high houses, arenas and bridges being build in wood. The market share for multi story buildings in wood are today 10 percent and expected to rise.

The minister for housing sees many advantages with building  in wood:

It leads to more jobs, also outside the large cities. It is has potential for export and contributes to the green conversion Sweden is in the middle of says Peter Eriksson.

According to him, it is important that cities like Skellefteå and Växjö takes on a leading role when it comes to building in wood.

- It has contributed positively. The municipalities has a responsibility to meet the housing demands, and together with the government and the industry the business sector is developing says the minister for housing.

Meet Peter Eriksson and learn more about the Swedish government view of wood building at Wood Building Summit 2017 in Skellefteå!